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Welcome to your life. It was a nice-enough Sunday—people making plans for the evening, dogs eyeing couches soon to be empty, cats on the backs of couches eyeing the dogs. Artists were getting dressed in their finest finery, while the critics sat, calmly sipping Cosmos, waiting to be critical. Yeah, a typical Sunday.

Almost no one has to work on a Sunday unless they’re in retail, in the preaching business, or turn out to be some dumb sucker who just got handed one of those “the press is gonna love this” murders by the head of the police department.

You were sitting at your desk, doing meaningful work —sorting paper clips, seeing how far over you could push a half-full cup of coffee, when your phone rang. You were up next, so you won the Lola Perone Investigation.

She was murdered all right—stabbed, bludgeoned, you name it. There was a big mystery about the Red Woman, a famous painting hanging over her bed. Poor Lola, died young at the hands of... it’s up to you to find out. You’ve got to get your head around this one, and it won’t be easy.

Wow. Lucky you.

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