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Do I have to see everything in the product to figure out who the murderer was?

No, not at all. The Case Files menu shows you your progress through the story, but is not meant to say "You're missing one of these and two of those." If you feel you know who did what to whom, don't feel compelled to find and read everything.

Why did you name Grok the Monkey "Carnival of Death" on Windows 8?

We thought long and hard about hurting Grok's sensitive nature. Since he's a chimpanzee and not a monkey, we figured we'd cut him a break and leave him out of the spotlight on that platform. Believe us, it was at his request.

How do I find items that are in a location, or a scene?

Try holding down your finger (on touch screens) or your mouse button (on computers) to see what's available. Items will be highlighted by a circle. Don't see any items? Try picking another place on screen. Sometimes you can pick an item, hold your finger down, and the story thinks you're wanting to add it to evidence.

What's with the "ding" sound? Or the "honk honk?"

When a character or a location is introduced to the story, you're informed by a sound. If the sound is annoying (it is to me, sometimes!), then turn it off in the story's preferences.

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