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The Art of Murder


Carnival of Death: Grok the Monkey


We love books. We write them. But they do have their limits: authors need to tell you what to think and when to think it for a book to work. They're linear, limiting and manipulative.

But if you're ready for something a little different, we've got a full-length novel, a book written with the idea that you, the reader, decide what to read and when to read it. A book that you manipulate instead of the other way around. Check it out.

There's nothing wrong with searching complex images for hidden objects. But isn't it time for something different? Something that encourages you to explore a location in whatever order you like? Meet and interact with the characters in whatever order you like? By simply tapping or clicking on the screen, the story will unfold and make you the most important part of the experience. And each person will experience it differently.

Ain't fingertips grand? And those mice aren't half bad, either.

Available Now


Reconstructing Remy



A Taste for Murder


Casual Games?

Casual games are fun, but they get a little... repetative, and each new one copies the gameplay of the last one. Everyone here at Flexible Tales grew tired of the "match 3" game after a few, and we started to wonder why no one was doing anything new?

So we set out on a three-year mission to create something truly unique. Take a look at what Ogg's got that other casual games are missing. Check it out.

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